Pepsi Max Big One
Park Pleasure Beach, Blackpool
Park section Unknown
Opening date May 28, 1994
Closing date Unknown
Height 213ft
Drop 205ft
Speed 74mph
Replaced Unknown
Replaced by Unknown
 Big One is a steel-rollercoaster at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool since May 28, 1994.

Ride historyEdit

When Big One was first built, it was manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. Construction began in September 1993 and would last a little over seven months. The supports were flown in from Bolton to Blackpool. After months more, Big One opened to the public on May 28, 1994. It was the second largest ride investment for Pleasure Beach.



  • Richard Rodriguez stayed on 6 consecutive hours for 112 days as the longest consecutive amount of days on a rollercoaster. He broke the world record and had his own permanant seat for that period of time.
  • When it first opened, it the steepest and tallest coaster in the world.
  • It was the fastest in Europe, but third fastest in the world.


  • The Blackpool airport is a mile away, so the tallest two hills had to have warning beacons installed to signal the airplanes.
  • Riders used to go through a giant Pepsi bottle as part of a sponsorship on the way down. 

Photo GalleryEdit

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