Dragon Khan
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Park PortAventura
Park section China
Opening date May 2, 1995
Closing date Unknown
Height 148ft
Drop 161ft
Speed 65mph
Replaced Unknown
Replaced by Unknown
Dragon Khan is a steel sit-down roller coaster located in the China section of PortAventura in Salou, Spain. The attraction is one of seven roller coasters at PortAventura. The attraction is based on Chinese mythology: the Dragon Khan is the reincarnated spirit of Prince Hu, who ruled over Beijing. His fury was unleashed every time a human was dared to climb on its back. This fits perfectly with the ride's location: in the back of the China section.

Ride historyEdit

The attraction was constructed sometime around 1993-1994 by Bolliger and Mabillard. After around a year of construction and testing, Dragon Khan opened on May 2, 1995 to the general public. 

Ride synopsisEdit

After riders are seated and given the clear to be dispatched, riders begin their ascent up the 148-foot lift hill that now hovers underneath the neighboring Shambhala: Expedicion al Himalaya, which opened in May 2012 (about 17 years after Dragon Khan). After reaching the top of the hill, riders then descend down the 161-foot main drop and into a 118-foot vertical loop. Then, the ride throws its guests into a dive loop, a Zero-g roll, and a cobra roll. Riders then enter the first brake system, where they can have a chance to take a breath before plummeting downwards into a smaller vertical loop and the grand finale - two interlocking corkscrews. After the train exits the last corkscrew, it pulls into the final brake system and then slowly enters the Chinese-like station. 



  • It was PortAventura's second roller coaster at the time.
  • It has the most inversions on any coaster at PortAventura, with eight.
  • Back in 1995, it also had the most inversions on any coaster in the world, before the ten-looping Colossos opened at Heide Park seven years later (2002).
  • It also has the most inversions on any B&M coaster made before and after its construction.


  • The ride is one minute, forty-five seconds long.


Coaster of the WeekEdit

  • Dragon Khan was the Wikia's sixth Coaster of the Week. It gained the title from the Week of April 21 - April 27, 2013.

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