Park Six Flags Magic Mountain
Park section Unknown
Opening date April 25, 1992
Closing date 2007
Height 86ft
Drop 34ft
Speed 35mph
Replaced Unknown
Replaced by Psyclone
 Flashback was a hairpin coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The ride opened on April 25, 1992 and closed in 2007, after 4 years of standing but not operating.

Ride historyEdit

After Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Over Georgia, Z-Force was sent to Six Flags Magic Mountain, and renamed Flashback. It reopened for its final time April 25, 1992. In 2003, Flashback was standing but not operating until 2007. On January 23, 2007, Six Flags announced that Psyclone and Flashback would be demolished. Six Flags reconsidered rebuilding it back for the 2008 season, but it was dismantled and scrapped in December 2007.

Ride synopsisEdit

The ride included six head-over-heels drops and a 540 degree spiral. The tracks were stacked on top of each other, and took up less than 1,900ft. 



  • The ride's original name was Z-Force.
  • Flashback was the only hairpin coaster in the world.

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