Hypersonic XLC
Park Kings Dominion
Park section The Grove
Opening date March 24, 2001
Closing date October 28, 2007
Height 165ft
Drop 133ft
Speed 80mph
Replaced Unknown
Replaced by Unknown
Hypersonic XLC was a launched Thrust Air 2000 roller coaster at Kings Dominion. The attraction formerly stood in The Grove area of the park, sandwiched between the Hurler and Grizzly.

Ride historyEdit

From 2000 to 2001, Hypersonic XLC was constructed by S&S Worldwide, a company that specializes in air-powered rides, such as Skyhawk and Power Tower at Cedar Point. Hypersonic XLC was S&S's prototype for their new coaster design: the Thrust Air 2000. The ride was constructed at The Grove in Kings Dominion and opened on March 24, 2001. S&S had to hugely modify the 90-degree drop at the beginning of the ride to acommodate the park's landscape and to properly bank the following turn. Once the 2002 season began, Hypersonic XLC suffered three months of temporary downtime. 

After Kings Dominion closed for the 2006 season, the park put Hypersonic XLC for sale. The ride closed on October 28, 2007. In January 2008, Hypersonic was removed from Kings Dominion's official website. On the park's opening day for the 2008 season, Hypersonic XLC was disassembled and placed in the park's laydown yard. In May 2009, the park's marketing representative stated that Hypersonic XLC was still up for sale as a coaster or as scrap metal, but nobody bought it. With this occurring, they took it off of the market.

Ride synopsisEdit

After riders were buckled in and given the clear for dispatch, the train accelerated from 0 to 80mph in just 1.8 seconds up a 90-degree incline. It then crested over a 165-foot hill and, without fully slowing down, speeded down the 133-foot drop, which was also at 90 degrees. Next, the riders would get thrown into a banked left turn, a smaller right banked turn, and a small hill before entering the ride's final brake run.



  • Hypersonic XLC was the first of two Thrust Air 2000 coasters ever. The attraction opened nine months before the other prototype: Dodonpa at Fuji-Q Highland, which is still in operation.
  • Hypersonic XLC is the only closed Thrust Air 2000.
  • It was the first compressed air launched coaster in the world.


  • As of today, Hypersonic XLC is fully demolished and has been recycled into something new. However, all that remains of Hypersonix XLC is the ride's station, storage area, and several of the track footers.
  • One ride cycle lasted about 16 seconds.
  • The ride was originally planned to be built at an amusement park in Utah.

Photo GalleryEdit

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