Millennium Force
Park Cedar Point
Park section Frontier Trail
Opening date May 13, 2000
Closing date Unknown
Height 310ft
Drop 300ft
Speed 93mph
Replaced The Giant Wheel
Replaced by Unknown
Millennium Force is a record-breaking Giga coaster at Cedar Point that opened on May 13,2000. It is the first complete Giga coaster in the entire world. 

Ride historyEdit

Announcement (1999)Edit

The ride was announced on June 22, 1999 as the tallest coaster in the world, beating Fujiyama's record at Fuji-Q Highland. It was announced to cost $525 million and replaced the Giant Wheel in the Frontier Trail location of the park. When it was announced, it developed a controversial arguement about it was the tallest coaster, besides Superman: The Escape which was technically not complete circuit, hence Millennium Force being the tallest in the world.

Construction and Opening (1999-2000)Edit

Construction began with the removal of the Giant Wheel. The tracks were placed in, and brought in for placement in high places. The lift hill was topped in January 2000 with a piece of track. Overall, it took seven months for construction. The ride's first media events were on May 11, 2000, two days before Millennium Force opened, and broke ten records worldwide, including tallest drop, which was previously held by Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Ride synopsisEdit

The ride overall covers 13 acres of the park's land, and includes running parallel to Lake Erie. The ride includes two tunnels, three overbanked turns, and four bunny hills. A complete circuit of Millennium Force is 2 minutes and 30 seconds, making it one of the longest in the world.


  • Millennium Force was featured on TV shows including Extreme Terror Rides, Bert the Conqueror, Off Limits, and Extreme Rides.
  • TIME magazine rated the coaster in 2013 the best coaster in the US.


  • Millennium Force was the first complete-circuit coaster to top 300ft.
  • It was the tallest complete-circuit coaster.
  • It held the record for the longest drop on a complete circuit coaster.
  • It also is the fastest complete-circuit rollercoaster.
  • Millennium Force has the steepest non-inversion banked turn.
  • It introduced the cable lift.


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