Park Knott's Berry Farm
Park section The Boardwalk
Opening date June 22, 2002
Closing date Unknown
Height 205ft
Drop 200ft
Speed 82mph
Replaced Windjammer Surf Racers
Replaced by Unknown
Xcelerator is a high-speed roller coaster at the Boardwalk at Knott's Berry Farm. It opened to the public on June 22, 2002.

Ride synopsisEdit

Riders board their 1950's-style vehicles. The powerful launcher launches the vehicle at 82mph up the 205-foot top hat. Next, the train plunges down the 200-foot drop and into several overbanked turns. Finally, the ride reaches the downwards brake system as the cars pull into the station once again. 


Similar to Kingda Ka, Xcelerator has rollbacks. Sometimes, the ride does not launch fully up the hill and the train falls back down the hill. The ride takes several minutes to reload before another launch.


Xcelerator cannot operate in the rain - not even a drizzle. This helps prevent rollbacks. The track usually needs to get dry before riders can board again.


  • The cars are set to look like 1957 Convertibles.
  • The ride's layout forms a Figure 8.
  • It is the fourth Intamin ride at Knott's, following Sky Cabin, Bigfoot Rapids, and the former Perilous Plunge (2000-2012).
  • The attraction is nearly a minute long.

Photo GalleryEdit

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